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The affiliates below are groups or organizations that recommend Dr. Panine, their users recommend Dr. Panine or Dr. Panine is a member of. Unlike many surgeons in the hair transplant field, Dr. Panine has published works that have been openly rated by his peers, patients and independent third parties.

Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians


Dr. Panine is a proud member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians on the Hair Transplant Network. This honor is held by only a small minority of hair transplant physicians and it isn't something that is granted it is earned. The only way to earn your membership is to produce results that are "truly state of the art". Read below about the membership in the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians" - 


"The Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians is a carefully selected group of skilled and ethical physicians who are united in providing patients with outstanding education and results. The skill, technique and talent of hair restoration physicians vary widely, as do the end results. Only a minority of leading physicians provide truly state of the art hair restoration. Coalition members are carefully reviewed and granted membership based strictly on their high level of integrity, skill, experience and ability to perform ultra refined follicular unit transplantation. All Coalition members have made the investment in time and resources to perform a highly refined and difficult to perform state of the art procedure called “Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation”.


While many surgeons now perform standard follicular unit grafting, only a minority have risen to the challenge of using very tiny incisions and grafts to achieve ultra refined results. This ultra refined procedure, while very demanding on the physician and staff, produces excellent results for the patient with optimal density and rapid healing. It also allows the patient to achieve their goal for fullness and density with a minimal number of surgical sessions." - Hair Transplant Network

How to get involved.

Hair Loss Website

Share your experience by authoring a hair loss blog. 


Hair Restoartion Social Network

Affiliates / Memberships / Organizations that recommend Dr. Panine



Dr. Panine is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network.

Hair Transplant Network



​​​Dr. Panine is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

Internatonal Society of Hair Restoration Surgery


Dr. Panine is a member of the American Hair Loss Association.

Recommended by the American Hair Loss Association


Dr. Panine is recommended by the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons

International Allicance of Hair Restoration Surgeons
The Bald Truth - For Hair Loss Sufferers

The Bald Truth features Dr. Panine's work on their online forum which provides users with resources regarding hair restoration. Dr. Panine displays his before and after photos on this online forum for users to rate, comment and discuss. 

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